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See how people are responding to the closing of Mike’s

Hint: they're not happy.

Image Credit: The Pitch

Image Credit: The Pitch

Image Credit: The Pitch

Ryan Crawford, Editor-in-Chief

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The internet can be a cruel, cruel place sometimes. But it can also be the place to see how people are reacting to the news of the closing of Mike’s Tavern.

In the original report of Mike’s closing on The Pitch, there is a bevy of people sharing their own thoughts on the long-standing bar and restaurant in the comments section. This comes after the new restaurant, Brady’s Public House, will “go for the people in Brookside,” according to new owner Shaun Brady. (Tip: Don’t ever read the comments section of anything on the internet … except for this.)

“Kelpouche” writes:

“Mike’s Tavern has a long history here in Kansas City. The bar “Mike’s Tavern” has been around since 1964. However the bar/building existed long than that. It has been an establishment where many have come to “reunite” or enjoyed a burger & beer. I’m sure if you ask any college student from UMKC or Rockhurst, they would say that it was an important place in their memory. I would hope that this new “bar” would highlight the history of a place where many have enjoyed for years.”

“Mrs. Kravitz” says:

“This makes me sad. And there are a lot of Brooksiders that (1) love dive bars and Mikes in particular (2) are a bit weary of “upscale” pricing and attitude (3) appreciate a $2 beer along with the rest of the world. I think the owners have badly misinterpreted who their customers are – or might be. … We need another “upscale” Irish bar in the area like we need a hole in the head.”

“mellymelbatoast” believes:

“I do think it’s a mistake to not serve ‘$2 beer’ in a college neighborhood. Let it be casual, even keep some of its divey personality. This is where the kids (and the faculty) come to unwind.”

And “WaldoMan” says:

“Well, at least we have the Peanut in the area for cold, cheap beers and food. I miss the old Mike’s. I once played pool with Albert Pujols there. Good times. This concept is not gonna work.”

To be fair to Brady’s, the new restaurant opening in the place of Mike’s, it has the opportunity to succeed, but after comments by Brady that his new restaurant will turn “away from the college dive bar thing” and replace it with “an upscale destination for people in the neighborhood who want good food and good drinks,” it may be tough from the start.

Brady has recently served as executive chef of the Reserve restaurant in the Ambassador Hotel in Kansas City and hails from Tipperary, Ireland, according to The Kansas City Star.

How do you feel about Mike's closing?

  • Very sad, I made tons of memories there. (93%, 242 Votes)
  • I'm indifferent either way. (5%, 12 Votes)
  • I'm okay with it; it was time for a change. (3%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 261

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2 Responses to “See how people are responding to the closing of Mike’s”

  1. Holli on June 29th, 2017 12:54 am

    This place was where my uncle (A Rockhurst alumn from way back in the day) and I could bond over the many times we had in the same establishment. It is a place where you were welcome to have a few while you studied, or came to drown out a bad test score. This place served for many memories and milestones for not only me, but to hundreds of thousands of Rockhurst and umkc students. I sincerely hope that the new owners take a look at their loyal clientel and make the right decision on how to run this place in the end. Their “upscale” theme sounds a bit prententious for me so I will leave them with this advice…. please do not turn away your college kids of Thursday nights looking to relieve stress from the awful week that they have had.. please don’t turn away the college kid who just need a pitcher of beer for five bucks… Mikes was our outlet and our way to meet and bond with sooo many lifelong friends. Don’t take this away from us.


  2. Nancy Bischoff on June 30th, 2017 12:01 am

    Not only has he offended the students of RU and UMKC, I!m sure he has offended faculty, staff, parents and alumni. My favorite nights in KC were spent at Mikes with my kids, their friends and their parents, whom many were alumni who had memories of their own. I hope the almighty dollar keeps Brady warm at night, but my guess is their will be a chill in the air this fall. Call me a snob but I!m trying to visualize an upscale restaurant next to the tattoo parlor and the pawn shop.

    If he changes his mind our money is just as green as the brooksiders.

    PS… sorry to see a place where the kids could go and walk home without driving!! Plenty of fun places to take my kids when we come to visit. If I can’t go to Mike’s there are plenty of fun places to go. Sad day another good business bites the 2 buck “Mike”


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See how people are responding to the closing of Mike’s