Coming this Fall: Rockhurst’s First Black Sorority

Megan Furney

Whether you’re a part of Greek life or not here at Rockhurst University, there’s a groundbreaking move coming to campus that everyone should know about: Rockhurst’s very first black sorority. 


Spearheaded by the e-board leaders of Black Student Union, this new sorority will be a bridge between the minority student community on campus and the traditional Greek community. 


Desane Charles, BSU’s new Vice President and one of the founders of the black sorority chapter coming to Rockhurst told the Sentinel of its purpose:


“The main reason we wanted to bring a Black Sorority to campus was to create a sense of community/safe space for the minority students at Rockhurst. Especially since this is a predominantly white [institution], and there are currently not many organizations like this for minorities on campus[,] and there should be,” she said. 


While the sorority is established to provide a community for minority students within Greek life, it also welcomes students of any race and ethnicity. Just like Black Student Union, the goal of the organization is to build bridges among students and create safe spaces for diverse groups. 


Desane Charles affirmed, “We want to reach out to the minority students, but we also don’t want to push about the non-minority students. This sorority will be a safe space for everyone; all are welcomed.”


Currently on campus, there are multiple minority-based student organizations, such as Black Student Union, Student Organization of Latinos (SOL), and Unity, but for the first time ever, there will be a minority-focused Greek organization. 


For many students, the decision to join a fraternity or a sorority can be a difficult process, let alone deciding which to join, and for minority students, this is often an even more challenging experience at a predominantly white institution. Having a Greek organization that is designed to promote and celebrate diversity and be a welcoming community for prospective students too has the potential to make joining Greek life a much more inclusive experience. 


The new black sorority hopes to also support and collaborate with the other minority organizations on campus, particularly with Black Student Union. 


Charles explains the sorority plans to do this “whether that’s becoming a member [of the other organizations], going to meetings, or just coming out to support events. It’s something we need to get better at, because we all should be supporting each other.” 


So, what’s the sorority going to be called? The name is currently confidential, but BSU is working to bring the sorority and have an official reveal at the Free Stuff Fair this coming fall semester. 


Although the sorority’s name is still under wraps, the organization is known for its emphasis upon education and service, aligning with the Jesuit mission and core values at Rockhurst. 


Whether you’re a minority student or not, or a member of Greek life or not, keep an eye out this fall for the reveal of the new black sorority, and let’s all join together as the Rockhurst community to celebrate and welcome diversity in all areas of campus life.