Trendsetting: 2018 Christmas edition

Christmas decor and party outfits are everywhere this time of year, but have they changed from this year to last?

Last year the Christmas decor was minimalistic according to Huffington Post , involving earth tones and shades of white, keeping a fresh, clean look for the holiday season. Wreaths didn’t have bundles of red and gold on them, instead they were dressed in rosemary and tied, simply, at the top with yarn.

Trees were less decorated as the trend to try was white- or gold-colored ornaments and white lights. Unconventional trees were also a part of the top trends, like using a ladder with fairy lights and ornaments when not wanting to mess with a traditional tree.

But, for some students like Sara Flaxbeard, ’20, Christmas trees will never go out of style. “My favorite trend is a Christmas tree. As a little kid, prepping and decorating the tree was something I always looked forward to,” Flaxbeard said.

So keep that tree and adorn in rustic plaids, wreaths with bells and oversized ornaments – all of which have made the list of top trends for the 2018 Christmas season. This year, holiday cheer is bold and bright. Decorations are made to pop and be the center of attention at holiday festivities.

Nothing about this year’s Christmas decor is boring – neither are the outfits, but in a subtler way.

“Everyone is wearing nice things that are usually more happy and bright,” Izabella Meneses, ’22, said.

2017 had its staple holiday pieces – oversized sequins, fur coats and flowing, shimmery swing dresses made their debut. It was all about being wild with prints, texture and color.

2018 has brought party-style back to reality – letting the effortless and uncomplicated dress speak for itself.

Deep reds, blacks and various shades of gold are sweeping the nation in holiday wear. The holiday style in 2018 is all about class and comfort for the modern woman.

In exchange for the lace of year’s past, holiday party outfits are switching to velvet material, giving Christmas a more luxurious feel.

Trade in the short dress for one that is tea-length or try a “power” pant. These pants have not only made their way into the work world, but fashionistas can feel confident bringing out the wide-leg pant for holiday gatherings. And knee-length and tea-length one-shoulder dresses are all the rage.

Decorations in 2017 were minimal, mild and muted, and the fashion game was about bold and unique outfits that were not to be overlooked. 2018 has pumped up the trees with oversized ornaments and bright plaids to complement the sleek style of simple fabrics and silhouettes in the world of fashion.

For outfit advice, students can turn to online spaces like Pinterest, which provides year-round style ideas – and they are not lacking in tips on how to dress this holiday season.

Most importantly, fashion is all about feeling comfortable in what works best for you – so pop the bubbly and jump into your own style this Christmas season!


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