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    Palestinian AdvocateApr 24, 2024 at 2:55 pm

    The war has been going on since World War 2 when Britain decided Jewish individuals could settle in Gaza. This is no longer ‘Israel Hamas war,’ it’s been Israel vs Palestine for decades. Please don’t tag Palestine as a tag but forget to mention Hamas.

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      Child of GodApr 25, 2024 at 6:41 pm

      Israel belonged and belongs to the Jews (“Jew” from the word Judean or Judea from Judah, one of the 12 sons of Jacob who was given the very land of Israel, named after the new name given to Jacob by God [Genesis 35:4-6], which is from the region in which the Roman Empire named as Israel in their reign over the region. ). Gaza, a region as part of Israel that had settlements of Philistines (from Palestine) were the self declared enemies of the Israelites. Modern day “Palestinians” or Philistines are simply the remnant of the diaspora of the Ottoman Empire whose identity claims Philistinian origin.

      But without any doubt, the land was promised long before “Great” Britain was great. Rather, while the Britons (tribal Celts of the land known as Britain) were pagan barbarians, God promised the land then known as the land of the Canaanites to Abraham, the “Father” of the Chosen people of God, aka the would be Jews. [Genesis 15:18-21]. Almighty God, the only God, the God of Abraham, Isaac (his son), and Jacob (grandson) chose these people out of all people before they were a people.

      This land is part of a covenant with the LRD of this universe that is ceiled in eternity as a promised and not yet FULLY fulfilled. Through this land and its people came the Moral Law (the Law of Moses) that brought to conviction to all mankind the judgement for the sin of man (first made by Adam in Eden, who rebelled against God and damning all mankind to sin nature and rebellion against God). Through this land came the one and only escape from eternal death and damnation. Jesus Christ, God in flesh through the very people God chose from the beginning of time. Jesus, who was fully man and fully God, perfect and sinless and Son of God, the second first man died a death he didn’t deserve, but we did/ do. And after dying the damnation mankind deserves, He rose from death by God’s Spirit validating life-eternal based on trust and faith in Jesus paying the sin debt we have made between us and God.

      For thousands of years, the Chosen people, the Israelites, aka the Jews are a people who still live under a covenant with God. Even in their denial of the God-Man Jesus Christ’s manifestation of being their true King and Messiah, God’s promises, God’s covenants are never broken, changed, or parceled out to others. It is by salvation all mankind joins in on the eternal covenant as the Chosen people, who too need salvation to avoid eternal damnation.

      It is this reason, that for millennia, the Jewish people are enslaved, attacked, hated, kicked out, murdered, rejected, dejected, massacred, besmirched, slandered, and envied. They represent the relationship with God that mankind hates because of sin-nature. It is not to say that they are the only people who suffer all these. Not at all. The Jewish people are the first in covenant: both blessing and suffering. They are the “eldest child” of nations to God.
      The nation of peoples identified as Palestinian are not sons of Satan because of ethnicity, creed, or genesis. But because the same reason all mankind are sons of Satan [Luke 8:44-47]. They are not children of God by Jesus’ blood on the cross.

      It is this very reason Palestinian citizens of Gaza have taken up the old accursed way of cursing the sons and daughters of Abraham in attempt to usurp their inheritance. Some by simply cursing Jews under their breath only, and others cursing Jews with guns, missiles, and brutality. Choosing their banner of usurping, Hamas (whose name in Hebrew means “violence” and in Arabic “zeal”, the Palestinian people, elected a regime to rule over them with fear, child sacrifice, and hate with the promise to murder “free” the land of Israel “from the river (Jordan River) to the Sea (Mediterranean)”. Over the years, some have rejected this ideology of hate, but what remains today by eye witness and testimony and confirmed reports, that nearly all Palestinian Gazans, including violence conditioned children) are indoctrinated with the desire to murder Jews.

      What has unfolded between Israelites and Palestinians is not an equal crisis. Though mistakes and horrible stumbles have been made by Israeli LEADERS, Palestinians have ALWAYS initiated the conflict. Always. PALESTINE IS HAMAS. Their very ideology is that there is no peace until all Israel is rid of Jews; just like the Nazis, just like Ukrainian Pogroms, just like Catholic Europe, just like the ancient Egyptians. This is so because this is not a physical war but a spiritual war, rooted physically all the way back to Isaac (Abraham’s child of promise from God) and Ishmael, Abraham’s child or rebellion through adultery, who became the father of all those who hate the sons of Isaac. (Canaanites, Amalekites, Moabites, Philistines, etc.). This spiritual war is the war Satan makes on God in vain by initiating hate and rebellion toward God by causing war between man and God with his demonic spirits.

      No loss of human life is acceptable to those who truly care about life and potential and who truly love their neighbor as Jesus does. But to hate of the Jewish people is to hate all mankind. Putting Israel in equal blame as Palestine is rooted in hate for Jewish People because you truly hate God.