Review: An innovative donut shop that wants you to want it

Photo credit: Kori Hines

Kori Hines, Editor-in-Chief

An aroma of sugar, an array of bright colors and rustic yet modern décor – that is the essence of Hurts Donuts Co.

On any given day, the storefront offers more than two dozen flavors of sweet donuts with zesty and savory and surprising toppings. Their maple bacon “Long John” features perfectly crisped bits of bacon that offer a delectable crunch to every bite. The cotton candy donut tastes just like its name with an unexpected pop sprinkled on top.

Hurts serves more than 70 donut flavors that think outside the box, like the “Fred Flintstone” with fruity pebbles cereal, and the bright blue, chocolate-covered “Cookie Monster.” And if you’re feeling fancy, you can try the Andes Mint donut or the chocolate “English Gentleman” or their frosting-dolloped “Birthday Cake” cake donuts.

Of course, you are more than welcome to go the traditional route with a glazed or old fashion. Or maybe try a cinnamon roll bigger than your head. Luckily, Hurts has a refrigerator full of milk, so you can wash down your sweet treat with its favorite beverage.

A standard glazed donut from Hurts reminds me of its counterparts from LaMar’s Donuts, a Kansas City original. Both businesses serve puffy rings of dough with an even layer of crystallized glaze, but a Hurts donut is a tinge sweeter. And, thankfully, Hurts treats do not appear stiff or taste manufactured like their competitors at Krispy Kreme.

And if you’re playing by the rules of Hurts, then that means donuts and milk are not limited to breakfast alone. As boasted on the restaurant’s glass, they are open “25 hours a day, 8 days a week.” That means you can get your sugar fix any time you want.

This innovative donut shop opened its doors to Kansas City in August of this year, but the franchise originated in Springfield, Missouri in 2013.

“Hurts is a Springfield staple, each donut is crafted to perfection,” said Marykate Cresap, ’19, whose hometown is Springfield.

The franchise has nearly 20 locations in 10 states. Each location has its own “Emergency Donut Vehicle.” These converted ambulances deliver perfected portions of goodness to people all over the country, including Kansas Citians.

Sharon Witt, a Rockhurst alumnae, also from Springfield, said Hurts is well-known and well-liked there. It is an ideal food option after a night out, Witt said, and “if you have a sweet tooth it’s perfect.”

Maybe it’s time for you to meet a “Cereal Killer,” so the next time you head to Target or Trader Joes or Home Goods, ask yourself “Wanna Hurts Donut?”

The now-Kansas City donut shop is located at 8809 Stateline Road, right next to Ward Parkway Mall, in the new Restaurant Pavilion. After you grab your sweet treats, you can sit out on the patio, enjoy the music streaming from the speakers and keep warm by the fire pit.

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