The Ultimate Rockhurst Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Erika Celoni , Student Writer

Brace yourselves, it’s here again: The one day out of the year where the entire nation overly proclaims their fairytale love for another or they once again remind everyone just how single they are.

Even though we all know those people who do this year-round, it’s especially worse on Valentine’s Day. No matter what your relationship status is, this day always seems to come with added pressure. Between the romantic dinner dates, the anti-love parties, and the GAL-entine’s celebrations, picking how to celebrate this day—or even weekend—can be stressful.

To simplify your life, here are some fun ways to celebrate this day regardless of who you choose to spend it with:

Want to treat that special someone? Try something new:

  • Go Ice Skating at the Sweetheart Skate
  • Check out Pinot’s Palette in KC, they have some great date paints with complimentary goodies provided
  • Listen to some music at the Riot Room and attend the Heartbreakers Ball
  • Calling all CHOCOHOLICS! The Chocolate Walk is a great way to eat some yummy desserts while exploring new locally-owned stores!
  • Want to stick to dinner and a movie? The KC Star has some great recommendations for a romantic evening.

Single and don’t want to mingle? Spend the day with your pals trying out these fun ideas:

  • Go shopping and treat yo’self
  • Spend $5 and go listen to some live music at the Stockyard Brewery located in the West Bottoms
  • Bundle up in your comfiest pajamas, grab your favorite snacks, and only move from the couch when necessary. Spend the day watching some classic rom-coms. Here are a couple good ones to check out.
  • Not into wallowing in single self-pity? Try these 21+ drinking games to forget your single-ness.
  • Want to get out of the house? Feeling ambitious and brave? Then this ‘brief’ run is exactly what you’re looking for

Not into Valentine’s Day? These anti V-Day events are perfect for you:

Lastly, if you fall under the “I chose the single life, it didn’t choose me”, then you’re considered a QuirkyAlone! Here’s 10 ways to celebrate quirkyalone day this upcoming Tuesday!

Hope these tips help make this holiday a breeze. Good luck, enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor.