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Courtesy of Unsplash, Megan Lee

Nate Adamson, Reporter

The world of trends continues to sweep through college campuses and into the younger generation as we progress through our tech-loaded lives. One trend may be the start of something new for one Rockhurst student.

Logan Crank, a sophomore Business student from Austin, Texas has taken his idea on this latest trend: Thrifting. For many the word thrifting brings a lot of ideas to mind, buying older “vintage” clothing and styling it to have fun, or buying rare articles of clothing to store and someday sell. However, Crank is doing much more than that. For the past four years Logan has been going from Thrift store to charity donation centers in hope to bulk up his collection to progressively sell at an affordable price to college students all over the United States.

Students at Rockhurst are already embracing the retro, vintage clothing styles, allowing for Logans business to satisfy those sweet tooths to thrift.

Logan has banked on social apps to sell his clothes. Instagram, Depop and out of his room, yes, his room are his place of business at the moment allowing anyone and all to take a look at his collection and find something they like.

When questioned, Crank told the Sentinel, “You can think about what people are going to say about you but at that point you should just express yourself,” attributing to his love of the business and the happiness it brings to help others unlock a new trait about themselves.

Thrifting offers a sense of self awareness, allowing yourself to wear and buy things you normally wouldn’t giving yourself a confidence boost and an image that you are open to being different.

Rockhurst students have credited to Crank’s quality and way of doing business and given him the ability to take criticism and critique his brand in the most customer efficient way. One of his frequent shoppers and teammate, Justin Spira, “love[s] the idea of knowing a trusted source” to find unique clothing, he says.

Rockhurst University offers an excelled business program that has helped Crank on his journey of building a business in college. Not only is the main goal to make some money but better learn how to run a business. Crank says, “Running a business in college has allowed me to apply the things I’ve learned in class and put them in real world situations.”

As mentioned before, the trend has spread rapidly however Crank’s hopes are to further that trend and spread it throughout our 55-acre campus and change the way we think about clothing and allow ourselves to let our guard down and jump in headfirst.

Looking to expand on campus Crank hopes the school will allow him to eventually open a Pop-Up shop in the near future, and with the new NIL rule by the NCAA he is able to take his business to the next level.  What is the NIL rule you may ask? For small college business owners, it’s a big deal, it means you are now legally allowed to make money using your image as an collegiate athlete to promote your product or service. To Logan this was the last door to unlock before the sales started coming in.

The future of clothing is bright and with everything around us changing it allows us to quickly take our ideas on trends, clothing or what we wear to new heights every day. If you are interested in these kinds of services, check out @global.vlg on Instagram to get a preview of what a student ran business looks like.