Why Visiting Home for the Weekend is a Good Stress Reliever


Grace Brune

With finals right around the corner and Easter Sunday this weekend, now is the perfect time to take a quick weekend vacation! Although home may be far for some students, it is totally worth the long road trip. Going home is an excellent way to reground yourself and allow your mind to unwind.

College is our home away from home, but sometimes, we need a little therapeutic escape. Every student has those weeks where they are on the verge of ripping their hair out due to stress. Sometimes, you may even be homesick. Knowing that you can visit the comfort of your home is always a good thing.

Clair Vollet is going home for Easter weekend. She says, “It is nice to get a break during the warm weather since we were unable to have a spring break. I am excited to relax at home and see my brother.”

Personally, I am excited to go home to catch up with my family and eat some home cooked meals. Don’t get me wrong, microwave mac and cheese is a college student’s trusty stand-by, but I look forward to using the stove.

With deadlines approaching and assignments piling up, it can be tough to relax. We all need a little break. Having a safe space to go and detox your mind is one of the many reasons going home is stress relieving. We may be independent now, but we are never too old to go home. The road trip there can be a blast. Grab a coffee. Crank up the music. Breathe.

Studies from the University of London (UCL) found that taking a break can be extremely beneficial. When anxieties and stress build up, humans tend to become restless. Making sure that we are taking conscious care of our bodies, it is very important that we take the chance to rest. Memory improvement, increased energy, stress reduction, health improvement, and creativity boosts were all benefits from relaxing. Taking a breather can be beneficial for both your health and your studies.

Some of us may feel, what I like to call, “laziness guilt” or feeling bad for taking a break when you know you have obligations. When making the decision to rest and giving your body the chance to recuperate, you are also allowing your brain to take a break. There is no reason to feel guilty for putting your books down for a second and taking some you time.

Being in a familiar setting makes it easier to enjoy your time and restore your energy. The privacy of home is an added benefactor. As Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) would put it, “There is no place like home”. If you get the chance to go home for the weekend, go for it. You deserve it!

Give your brain a mental health break at home, it will thank you.



Edited by Micaela Gutierrez