Sedgwick Hall: New and Improved


Grace Brune

On Thursday, Feb. 25 Rockhurst University began the remodeling of the first building on campus, Sedgwick Hall. The history of Rockhurst lies between the walls of Sedgwick Hall. The building stood untouched for 107 years and holds a great meaning to the campus.

The reconstruction of Sedgwick Hall caught the eye of many students and staff, as they were able to stand around and watch the process of the building. Due to Covid-19, campus has been calmer than usual, so the redefining of the building during this time means so much to Rockhurst University.

Rev. Thomas B. Curran, S.J., University President stated, “This is a truly historic moment. Sedgwick Hall was the first building on the Rockhurst University Campus, and through the generosity of our donors, it will continue providing an inclusive, transformative, innovative Jesuit education for generations of Rockhurst students to come.”

Cura Personalis, “Care for the Whole Person”, is one of the six Jesuit core values that lies within the heart of Sedgwick Hall. Caring for the Rockhurst students, staff, and community is something that Rockhurst takes very seriously, and it is shone throughout this building. Allowing the opportunity to train new health-care professionals on campus helps bring us all together towards the goal of Cura Personalis.

Many new updates are being added to the outside of the building, but the structure will remain the same. Sedgwick Hall is becoming the new home of the Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences at Rockhurst University. With a glass wall addition on the east side of the building, more lighting will be let in. Along with bed labs, new common areas, learning studios, and faculty and staff offices.

Mr. Jason Riordan, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Technology is in charge of overseeing the project. To him, the most exciting part of the project is being able to blend the history with the future. Sedgwick Hall holds great opportunities for student’s success here at Rockhurst University.

Jason Riordan stated, “I love the fact that we are able to blend the history of Rockhurst with the future – the building means a lot to the community and myself.”

Predicted to be finished in May of 2022, this $23 million dollar project was achievable due to donors and the “For the Greater” campaign. The goal is to have the building open and ready to resume classes by fall of 2022.

After asking what Mr. Jason Riordan’s favorite part about this project, he said “I have enjoyed the challenge of renovating the hundred-year-old building, honoring the bridge to the future in support of health services.”

Students will soon be able to get involved with the interior decoration of Sedgwick Hall. Soon, students will be able to help move in furniture and set up the inside. There is a beam in the building which will be available for students and staff to sign to honor the bridge to the future, in support of health services.



Edited by Micaela Gutierrez