Rockhurst “Ghost Town”


Spencer Moes

By now, the coronavirus and social distancing has almost become a normality of life now.

The parking stalls are empty and no one is walking around campus for their final tours

before they decide where to go to college.

While most of us have moved home and are sheltering in a place with family, the

international students at Rockhurst remain stuck in this “ghost town” trying to figure out what

each new day will bring them.

Communication has been difficult with families for international students. It is often

limited to a phone call a week or a few text messages to make sure they are safe and well.

Mayor Quinton Lucas has extended the order until May 15, in line with guidelines from

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on limiting gatherings of 50 people or more until

that date to lessen the spread of the virus

Kevin Truong and Lasse Gummerus are two international Rockhurst students that are

stuck on campus due to the virus. The Sentinel first reached out to them with the news that

Rockhurst would start their classes remotely and we are catching up with them again to see what

has changed.

“Everyday gets longer and longer. It is tough finding things to do to keep you busy and

keep you mind off becoming bored,” Truong said to the Sentinel on April 21.

All the gyms in the Kansas City metro area have closed, including the Magis Activity

Center and other gyms at Rockhurst.

“Rockhurst even closed the field so we are not allowed to work out on the soccer field as

well,” Gummerus said. “It is hard to stay ready for the upcoming basketball season. Kevin and I

mostly workout in the THV and do ball handling drills over Zoom with our teammates.”

Truong, though, has had at least one good outcome because of the virus.

“One thing that has been nice is that we have met so many other international students

that have to stay at Rockhurst too,” he told the Sentinel. “We have been able to meet so many

other friends that we would have probably never have met.”

Like many of us back home, Truong, Gummerus and other international students are

excited for the opening of Kansas City and can’t wait to be able to move around freely again, and

with people on campus once more.