Marissa Hernandez

Like many in the community right now, there are a lot of changes happening as well as new ways of going about face-to-face socialization. While maintaining all social distancing guidelines, I was able to get some information from members the fraternity of Beta Theta Pi and the sorority of Gamma Phi Beta on how Greek Life is adapting to this new way of communication as well as what the future looks like for all chapters.

Rockhurst senior, Pedro Arias, says that initiation will not be taking place this semester under the obvious circumstances right now. “We are staying connected via Zoom every Thursday night and I have noticed our group chat has been much more active recently”, says Arias. Rockhurst junior, Justin Larson explains, “it has been hard on all fraternities and sororities in general though because of the events we have had planned but unfortunately do not get to go through with now”.

Gamma Phi Beta is currently doing what they call “Senior Celebration”, which is a full week where they honor the graduating seniors from their chapter. Beth Ortwerth says, “we are sad we can’t be with our seniors and other sisters right now, but we understand the importance of not being able to be together”. Ortwerth goes on to explain how nice it is to have such a strong support system of sisters at such an uncertain time like this. “Listening to their silly antics and stories helps quarantine move by fast and is making me so excited to see them in the Fall for the start of my senior year!”

One of the best experiences for Greek Life during the Rockhurst school year is ‘Greek Week’ and sadly, all seniors in sororities and fraternities had that last event taken from them. Greek Week has been canceled for all chapters, but as for initiation, it has been rescheduled to one of the first weeks back of the Fall semester.

It is so disheartening for all seniors as well as all members in Greek Life right now that are missing their first or last events that they had been looking forward to all year long. Greek Life is such an amazing organization to be a part of at Rockhurst. They do so much around campus to encourage other students to get involved. If you or someone you know is considering going through recruitment, do not hesitate to reach out to become a part of something big!