Survive Social Distancing: A Guide

  1. Accepting the Situation

Obviously, this situation isn’t good for anyone in in-person classes and being on campus is one of the biggest parts of the college experience, however, at the end of the day being sent home is essential to the health of all. Though this experience is sad in many ways, we must accept that it is our new reality and it is important to realize we are all in this together.


  1. Stay Connected

In the age of technology, there are so many ways we can stay connected. We can still have human interaction without compromising one another’s health. Zoom, Skype, and Facetime are great ways to stay connected with friends, family, and even our professors! Netflix even offers a great service where friends can chat and watch their favorite shows and movies.


  1. Stay Active

Maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial to both our physical and mental health! There are many ways one can stay active while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Walks are a great way to get fresh air and vitamin D, there are many media platforms which have free workout videos. Even learning a trendy TikTok dance can help you get those much-needed endorphins.


  1. Set Goals

I know being at home can be detrimental to productivity especially regarding schoolwork. Setting simple goals everyday can help you regain motivation and get back into a routine. Write down a list of simple goals such as completing assignments, cooking a meal, or cleaning out your room. Completing one task at a time can make you feel motivated and accomplished at the end of each day.


  1. Seize the moment!

This is a great opportunity to try new things, whether its painting or cooking, don’t let your time go to waste. Using this time at home away from school and work gives us all a few extra moments in our life to learn something new and help others. Though we are social distancing ourselves, there are still many opportunities to help those around us whether it be getting groceries for an elderly neighbor or spending some time with your family and helping around the house. Find a way to enjoy this time at home, this is a perfect moment to reflect and make change. The only way we can get through this is to stick together!