All Classes Set to Move Online due to COVID-19


Lucy Hoffman, Staff Writer

Rockhurst president Father Thomas Curran has released an email stating that all classes will move to online for the remainder of the semester in the campus’ latest response to the global coronavirus outbreak. He stressed how it was an informed decision and used the universities core values as a guide.

Curran said he  believes it is best to urges students  to seek out moments of joy. “Allow yourself to experience God’s grace, and to look after one another, even if it is from a distance,” Father Curran said in the  March 16 email sent that evening.

Students will continue to learn via video lectures and discussion forums until mid May, when second semester will come to a close.

The different learning style isn’t the only thing affecting Rockhurst students. Being away from campus affects all students, but the virus has made it so seniors will not be able to experience the last few months of college.

“Choosing Rockhurst University for my college education was an easy decision for me. The campus, its students, its professors and its organizations have made a profound impact on my life” Said senior Ally Gearhart. “It’s devastating to think that I am unable to finish out my last few months here.”

Despite the abrupt ending to her year, at least in terms of the on-campus expirience, Gearhart knows Rockhurst will continues to influence her live positively, citing that the spirit of cura personalis will forever be with her.