Subway to Tu Taco: Student Choice?


Micaela Gutierrez

Upon the start of the fall 2019 semester, Rockhurst students have returned to campus and noticed a quite different Rockroom than the year before.

Instead of the familiar Subway residing in the Market, there is now a sign reading “The vote is yours,” on the wall.  In Subway’s old place, a Mexican-style buffet line is currently the place to go for a quick bite, instead of the school cafeteria.

The idea is for students to cast a vote every semester on what the food genre should be for the location. However, for the first semester of this new “student choice” program, it is a rocky start.  Whether students have actually had a voice in this change for the fall semester is questionable.

When I asked many varying student groups—from the regular study groups who frequent the Rockroom, to the student who rarely goes into the area—what their opinions of the change are, I have gotten a resoundingly negative response.

Unfortunately, the students are disappointed to have the “limited selection,” saying they are not accustomed to only 3 options, versus the past 5 or 6 options of meal entrees Subway provided.  Additionally, one student said vehemently “[]This is a stupid change, the food area is no longer open on the weekends, the food choice was not voted on, yet they [Rockhurst faculty] claim this is a student choice.  We were not factored into the decision for Tu Taco, so how is this student choice?”

Although the majority does not have fond thoughts over Tu Taco, I was able to hear some positive reviews.  One student said “I love it, it is my new addiction. It is my go-to place for dinner, the chips and queso slap. I have to watch my flex [dollars] because I’m using it all on Tu Taco.”  It will be interesting when the semester ends, and the students really vote—I am not sure if Tu Taco will be sticking around for the Spring.

Stay tuned!