A New Future for Rockhurst University: Student Senate Elections for 2019-2020


Graphic by Kori Hines

Emma Martinez, Staff Writer

On the evening of April 2, 2019, Rockhurst’s Student Senate presidential and vice-presidential candidates sizzled in a hot debate. The general public was invited to attend, and the debate was prefaced with mingling and refreshments.

The Senate consists of student representatives who serve as a bridge between faculty and the student body.

The three teams that are currently running are Mac Dumsky and Nhukha Nguyen, Forrest Roudebush and Kate Ludwig, and Holly Sullivan and Trudy Jacobs.

Dumsky and Nguyen’s platform revolves around building a healthier community. This would further extend in three ways: to the individual, to the community, and outside of the campus.

Roudebush and Ludwig’s platform focuses on inclusivity for and with others. They aim to extend this value to organizations in the Kansas City area.

Sullivan and Jacobs’ platform is based upon accessibility at Rockhurst. This includes initiatives for physical accessibility, first-generation students, and the LGBTQ community.

The debate was split into three parts. Each team was given two minutes to introduce their platforms. Next, they were asked three questions that had previously been created by the current president, senior Claire Webster. Thirdly, the discussion was opened to the public for questions.

The first question posed by Webster was in reference to faculty and staff relationships. Candidates drew upon personal relationships that were reflective of their hopes and desires for the greater Rockhurst community.

The second question focused on addressing the marginalized groups at Rockhurst. Dumsky and Nguyen emphasized the importance of cultural awareness. Roudebush and Ludwig mentioned ways to include commuters. Sullivan and Jacobs discussed the necessity of finding innovative ways to make marginalized voices heard.

The third question addressed to the candidates was arguably the most challenging: how will they get this done? Answers from each team consisted of a continuation of what is already being advocated for on campus, but with a few new ideas.

As the debate progressed, one common thread became clear to each of the members of the audience: whoever obtains this role will have face challenges, but each team is dedicated to making Rockhurst the best place it can be.

To close the debate night, Webster reminded listeners of the importance and privilege of voting in elections such as this one.

The Student Senate and Student Activities Board election concludes today at noon.

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