Feature: Morgan Trousdale, an expressive mind leading to a bright future

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Pictured: Morgan Trousdale, '21

Ask anyone who knows Morgan Trousdale, ’21, and they will choose positive words to describe her: expressive, friendly and a go-getter.

From hobbies to her friends and her future career, Trousdale’s bubbly personality and creative mind drive her life.

Trousdale has always had a proclivity for art – it is in her nature. Her full name is Ruth Morgan Trousdale, a name attributed to her grandma Ruth who shares the same love of art.

“I started loving art in middle school as a way of self-expression,” said Trousdale, who would doodle her notes using pictures instead of words, which later developed into a love for watercolor painting.

Although she claims to be no expert on the craft, her hidden talent makes it a special part of her life – which is why Trousdale prefers to keep her artwork private, only shown to those special to her.

“Her art is very pretty and exact,” said Sydney Trousdale, ’22, Morgan’s good friend and younger sister. “I think she likes it because it allows her to channel her creativity.”

Since middle school Trousdale has been interested in a career in business marketing and communication – areas of study she pursues at Rockhurst and hopes to intertwine with her passion for art.

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“I want to build a brand,” Trousdale said, “I feel like [my artistry] will allow me to gain an edge in the competitive business, advertisement and marketing field.”

Trousdale’s intrigue does not stop with business and art, said her roommate Hannah Schaefer, ’21. “She also has a great eye for decorating and clothes. I totally let her take over when we were decorating our room this year,” Schaefer said.

Trousdale is a high-achiever and she is clear on what she expects from herself – an attitude she believes is inherited from her father. And she plans to travel abroad to Spain this summer.

“I’m okay with being independent,” Trousdale said, “I think this will help me grow as a person.”

Going abroad will be an opportunity for Trousdale to stretch her strengths, especially her fluency in Spanish. Her expressive and outgoing personality ensure that she is not afraid to take on this adventure by herself. And her friends agree that such a new experience is an ideal option for Trousdale.

Said the younger Trousdale, “She’s good at reading people and giving accurate advice. I think people are drawn to that.”

One last thing about Morgan, she is beautiful inside and out.”

— Hannah Schaefer, '21

This kind and dedicated student is on a path arranged by her own terms – and nothing will stop her from setting goals for herself and touching lives along the way.

There is a reason Schaefer said that “Morgan can have a meaningful conversation with anyone.”

“One last thing about Morgan,” Schaefer added, “She is beautiful inside and out.”

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