Top 5 Study Playlists on YouTube

Before hitting the books, grab your headphones and prevent your final exams from overwhelming you.

Exam season is here, and this time of year is stressful and tiring — what is one thing you can do to boost your morale? Find a good study playlist.

Here are the top playlists on YouTube to listen to while studying.

1. “3 Hour Brain Power Study Music

This track created by YellowBrickCinema is nature-themed to help boost productivity and reduce stress.

2. “Study Music Alpha Waves

This playlist was created by YellowBrickCinema and is supposed to increase concentration.


3. “Alpha Waves

This playlist is created by Musictherapy. In the video’s description, it says “Alpha waves help us improve our memory, can even make better our intelligence.”

4. “Relaxing Sleep Music

This playlist is created by Soothing Relaxation, and is ideal for keeping you calm while studying.

5. “Harry Potter (Calm Ambient Mix)

This playlist is created by Syneptic, and is a favorite for lovers of the Harry Potter films who want to feel relaxed.


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