Rockhurst Hawks are stretching out the stress, a free month with Power Life

Through Friday, Nov. 30, the Rockhurst community is being treated to a free month of fitness classes, thanks to the collaboration of a generous local yoga studio and student organization Active Minds.

Carmen Macias, ’20, stands outside Power Life after a relaxing yoga class.

Just before the holiday season, November is when anxiety and pressure hits college campuses around the country. At Rockhurst University, student organization Active Minds has arranged an opportunity to combat end-of-the-semester pressure – for free.

Power Life, a yoga studio with several locations in the Kansas City area, wants to help the Rockhurst community during this anxious time by offering admission to their classes. Both students and faculty can get a good workout and release their tension at any Power Life class – without the stress of payment. A potential cost is incurred for patrons who do not have a yoga mat, in which case, the price to rent a mat is just $2.

The classes offered are not just poses and stretches. Some classes, such as Power Sculpt, are physically demanding and take place in a heated room, upping the intensity of the workout. These exercise sessions are a good alternative to the small on-campus weight room and serve as a refreshing change to personal fitness.

The free month was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Active Minds and Power Life.

The original idea was presented by Power Life as an opportunity only available to faculty, but after further consideration Active Minds wanted the services to be available for students too. Power Life was on board all the way. Not only is it free to Rockhurst patrons to attend classes, it came at no cost to Active Minds.

Power Life recognized the mutual benefit between the two parties. They recognized the importance for students to relieve stress and saw an opportunity to share their business with a group of people who may not otherwise have the chance to experience it.

“It’s a great form of therapy, and gets out all your stresses physically,” said Susie Hoeynck, vice president of Rockhurst’s Active Minds chapter. “You’re able to focus on the moment, it is kind of hard to focus on what is stressing you out when you’re doing all these stretches in a hot room,” she said.

Active Minds is an organization that promotes mental health awareness to college students. They provide support for anyone that is struggling emotionally or mentally. Rockhurst’s Active Minds chapter is always looking for ways they can help the community– they hit the nail on the head by collaborating with Power Life.

The yoga project has been a success – Rockhurst students fill the studio from wall to wall. Even though the studio rooms are more filled than usual, the instructors enjoy seeing new faces.

“It has been fun and wacky, it’s great to have you all here,” said Ricky, a Power Life instructor. “It is something different for each student, some people really enjoy the physical aspects of yoga and fitness. And some others may resonate more with the mental clarity. The focus of moving energy throughout the body is another way that helps settle the mind,” Ricky said.

That is a sentiment shared by Rockhurst students. “I like how positive and uplifting it makes me feel, especially at the end when they have a reflection. It’s a great way to end a workout,” said Carmen Macias, ’20, of her experience at Power Life.

“It’s a different type of workout for me. It’s cool, fun, social and I can’t touch my toes,” she said with a laugh. As a student athlete, the free month is a reinvigorating opportunity which Macias has greatly appreciated.

While November is a crazy time full of essays, exams and anxiety, Active Minds and Power Life have provided the Rockhurst community a chance to get in shape – both physically and mentally.

With a Rockhurst ID, all Power Life classes are free at every location through Friday, Nov. 30 – Power Life even has an app, providing patrons with easy access to their fitness opportunities.

Luckily, Power Life offers a range of classes everyday with class times from early morning to after dark, so it is not too late for newcomers to take advantage of this opportunity.

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