Review: Shake Shack shakes up a student’s interest


Photo: Kori Hines

Kori Hines, Editor-in-Chief

If you’ve been on the Country Club Plaza in the past week, you may have noticed a long line on the corner of 47th St. and Central. At this location, a mere 5-minute-drive from Rockhurst, is the new Shake Shack restaurant.

The restaurant chain opened its doors to Kansas City on September 6. With the next closest location in St. Louis, area students and families were ready to experience what the “stand for something good” restaurant had to offer.

“I’ve been twice, and it has lived up [to] the hype each time,” said Mary Kate Cresap, ’19.

Before my experience at the chain’s newest venue, I had never indulged in the Shake Shack craze. In other cities, I have always been wary of the restaurants’ long lines.

But, when I stepped in line last week, amid the new-restaurant-buzz, I was pleasantly surprised when the process required only 22 minutes.

Shake Shack attracts a mix of families, friend-groups, couples and individuals. Once inside the restaurant there is plenty of energy to go around – rousing music overheard, televisions playing sports games, and a fast-moving line of customers.

The restaurant is sleekly-designed with cleaned-lined wood on the walls, gray slate floors and other modern elements. The Shake Shack brand’s iconic green burger logo adds a pop of color to the scene.

With a multifaceted ordering system – a hostess who greets the line and distributes menus, multiple cashiers and a double-duty order-assignment system – patrons can rest assured their order will be precise and prompt.

Although the line moves quickly, the restaurant’s small seating area leaves much to be desired. Customers who do not stake their claim on a booth or table the moment it avails are relegated to take their orders to-go. With their meals in hand, many patrons migrated to the corner’s stoop or down the block to the Starbucks’ patio (corner of Nichols and Central).

After ordering and receiving my meal – a single cheeseburger with bacon, French fries, and a vanilla shake – I made my way to the door. The meal cost $17, which may be a steep price for some students. But I think the flavor is worth the cost.

Kansas City native Lilly Lutz, ’20, remarking on her Shake Shack experience, said “it was so good.”

Surrounded by a sweet-buttered bun and fresh toppings, the ShackBurger® was succulent, especially with the accompaniment of the well-seasoned fries. I didn’t even contemplate the need for condiments. Admittedly, the burger was much smaller than I expected.

But rounding off the meal with a shake was the right decision. The shake was phenomenal. The custard topped with whipped cream was thick, smooth and creamy – just what I want from a milkshake.

“This restaurant is magical, from the double ShackBurger® down to the chocolate shake,” said Cresap, “your taste buds will be thriving.”

And I concur, although Shake Shack comes with a juicy price tag, it has the flavors to match. Assuredly, the restaurant does “stand for something good.”

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