Review: Hamburger Mary’s, a place for good eats and good fun

Celina Ornelas, Staff Writer

When you first see the sign for Hamburger Mary’s, located along Broadway, you don’t think much of it. But after you enter, you find it filled with old movie posters and a lot of glittery things.

I entered this bar and grille located at 3700 Broadway (about a 10-minute drive from campus) to a full array of lights and amazing music ready to entertain its guests. Much of the décor of this place is beautiful. There is a stage for shows and a bar. The place itself was built so that restauranteurs could take part in the performances and shows — that is, the performers interact with the audience. That’s something rarely seen outside of Las Vegas or any regular performance restaurant.

One of the things I liked as soon as I entered Hamburger Mary’s was the reception of the servers. They were charming, and always there to see if we needed anything else or if we had any questions about the place. I was overjoyed when I saw that they had different deals on food and drinks almost every day, much to the delight of this college student.

I would caution that this place is serious about serving alcohol to minors and will throw you out if you don’t have proper identification — aka, if you’re not 21, don’t bother trying. After all, this place is for adults. And although children can eat here, I wouldn’t recommend bringing them here during times when alcoholic beverages are half-priced.

Now, this being said it is a very good place for food and for fun.

The food at Hamburger Mary’s was delicious, too. I ordered the classic Mary Burger, that had a medium rare patty with lettuce, and a lot of cheese and topped with Mary’s special sauce.

When it arrived at my table, the hamburger was humongous, dripping juices and well worth the wait. I had to cut the burger into four pieces just to eat it. And I didn’t even finish everything because it was too much for me.

Hamburger Mary’s is not afraid to show you a fun time. Many of the waiters are of the LGBTQ+ community and it’s a place anyone can go to open themselves to new opportunities that didn’t have before. Much of the food was delicious and it helped that the food filled the plate with enough that you could potentially save some as leftovers.

Although not as cheap as Chubby’s down the street, I found Hamburger Mary’s well worth the money. Whether to see a show or to enjoy delicious food, it’s a place for good eats and good fun.

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