Chubby’s in Kansas City is a must-visit diner with great food and atmosphere

Celina Ornelas, Staff Writer

Update from editor: Chubby’s on Broadway will close for one last time on November 1 at 6 a.m. Stop by for a cinnamon roll and the diner experience before its too late!

When entering Chubby’s on Broadway, you enter into a time vortex and are immediately transported to an old-time diner with jukeboxes and decorations to match.

There were a variety of options and it is a perfect place to eat if you want to have a genuine “diner” dinner. The opening appetizer for a late-night meal is cinnamon rolls, warm and fresh. The thing I liked about these cinnamon rolls was that they were big – not like your regular, box-sized cinnamon rolls. These are as big as a dinner plate.

They are warm and gooey and the frosting runs down the sides – delicious. I would suggest getting a glass of milk because the cinnamon can be a bit overpowering and sugary but, other than that, I enjoyed it.

My breakfast which, by the way, is served all day, was delicious. I had enough leftover for a to-go bag that I took back to my dorm and ate the next day. I ordered scrambled eggs that were well done. I know these were real eggs because, unlike college cafeteria eggs, I could see the egg whites.

I had hash browns as a side and they were golden brown – amazing. The slices of bacon were crispy and mouth-watering. Overall, the breakfast was delicious, it took up the whole plate for less than $20. That is a deal and it did not break my budget, which is something I’m always thankful for as a broke college student.

I did not like the wait time for my food but, I saw that the servers were in between shifts when I arrived. And there were very few waiters anyway.

Other than that, I loved everything about Chubby’s. All items on their menu are served daily and the prices, as well as any specials, are affordable – for struggling college students and family meals.

Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned diner experience – and this place certainly offers that.

Story first published on May 11, 2018.