Rockhurst English department announces addition of film studies track

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The Rockhurst University English department will be adding a new track for the 2018 fall catalog.

Previously, English majors had to choose between three different fields of study for their degree–writing, literature and education–but starting next semester, students will be able to major in film studies.

Many things are still in the works, but this major will follow the same guidelines as the other majors available in the English department (22 hours of upper-division coursework).

All English majors are required to take 12 hours of upper-division courses in related subjects; film-track students would take 12 hours of film-related courses in other departments (e.g. Christianity in Film, Spanish Cinema). Students would also be able to earn credit hours through film-related internships and film courses through UMKC.

This new major also brings the possibility of new classes. For instance, a “Film, Fiction and Feminism” course is currently in development. With this class, students would be able to approach Hollywood movies with a feminist critique while also discussing the representation of gender in Hollywood.

When asked why a student should join this program, Dr. Jason Arthur, head of the English department, replied that this would be a prime opportunity for anyone to put their love of film to good use.

Any students interested in the Film Studies major should direct their questions to Arthur at [email protected].

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