‘Thor: Ragnarok’ rocks the franchise’s boat

Stockton Grunewald, Staff Writer

The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok, proves yet again to be an unceasingly enjoyable blend of colorful action and fun humor. The third film to focus on the God of Thunder’s galactic adventures is a sudden, but welcome departure from the bruiting and serious tone explored throughout the first two Thor films (which arguably hampered the series critically and commercially), adopting a much-needed sense of joviality.

The film follows the titular character as he and his band of misfits (dubbed the Revengers) stumble about the galaxy, in an attempt to prevent Ragnarok – the destruction of Thor’s home planet of Asgard, with some stops along the way. The elder Hemsworth delivers a strong performance as Thor, adding to the character’s sense of wit, duty, and responsibility.

Oftentimes, Thor is the one making jokes, rather than being the butt of them. Thor’s brashness and boastful persona still make an appearance, but he seems to have toned done on his ‘Holier than Thou’ sort of rhetoric.

Dr. David Banner and his green friend, notably absent from Captain America: Civil War and other recent films, re-appear on the inter-galactic stage and accompany Thor on his journey to Asgard. The competing dynamic and banter between the two is always fun to watch unfold and never seems overdone.

Hiddleson’s Loki returns to add new layers of betrayal and brotherly jest to the story. Tessa Thompson is introduced as the initially apathetic superhero Valkyrie, and Cate Blanchet portrays the eldest sibling of the Odin kin, Hela, a villain hellbent on conquering the nine realms of the universe.

No character feels out of place whatsoever. All have an indeed necessary contribution to the story. With fantastic visuals, great humor, fun characters, and an entertaining story, Ragnarok proves to be the crème of the crop of the franchise. I’m saddened only that this formula was tapped into this late in the series. Thor is apt to be viewed if not once, but multiple times.