UPDATE on Upcoming Rockstock Star: Quinn XCII

Marissa Hernandez

Rockstock is a wonderful event put on by the Student Activity Board (SAB) for students to hear great music, hang out with friends, and relax before finals week creeps in. Rockstock has been canceled for this year and it would have been taking place on May 1st this year in the Lower Burke outside, weather permitting, otherwise it would have been moved to the Convocation Center.

On February 18th in Arrupe Auditorium, it was revealed by SAB Concert Chair, Holly Sullivan, that Quinn XCII would have been the guest performer this year and everyone was so looking forward to it. Sullivan says, “I have received lots of positive feedback and many students have been very excited. Quinn XCII was very high on the survey sent out last fall and worked best for our availability and pricing.”

Sullivan explains, “Rockhurst administration has been working with Quinn’s contract to determine the details of this cancellation. The money that we get back will be reallocated to the SAFBC budget and that committee will then decide what happens with that money.”

In case you are unsure of who Quinn XCII is, here’s a little background for you.

Mikael Temrowski, better known as Quinn XCII, is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Temrowski’s music ranges between pop, hip-hop, reggae, and electronic dance music (EDM). Most of his songs are about past failed relationships and heartbreak. However, according to his biography on allmusic.com, “they’re often sung or rapped over bright, sunny backing tracks that partially disguise the melancholy sentiments of the lyrics”.

Many people wonder how Temrowski’s stage name was born. In a 2018 PopCrush article, Dana Getz reported that ‘Quinn’ stands for ‘Quit Unless Your Instincts Are Never Neglected’ and ‘XCII’ translates to the number 92, which is the year Quinn was born.

Quinn XCII began making his music in high school. Then while he was in college at Michigan State University, he started working with his friend Ayokay on new tracks as well.

It was not until Quinn started making his music more pop-focused when he began to attract more attention. Now, he is a well-known artist featured on many music apps like Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. Quinn has thousands of fans from all around, an amazing record deal with Columbia Records, and an almost sold-out world tour.

Quinn told PopCrush, “I’m just this normal guy that went to college and didn’t have any ties with the industry. It was a hobby turned into a career”,

He continued: “I try to speak on things that most people can attach to, and if it’s something that I haven’t gone through, I like to speak on things that maybe others have and put myself in their shoes and be a voice for the voiceless. I know that’s cliché, but I understand the platform that I have, and I want to give space to everyone’s point of view.”



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