Marissa Hernandez

Alright, how totally and completely bored are you with being stuck in your house for days on end? Well, if you’re a Netflix or Hulu subscriber, I have a few good suggestions to relieve a little of that dullness for you.

Brain on Fire – Netflix

This drama film is based on a true story about a young woman that is living her best life while fulfilling her dream job working as a reporter for the New York Post. Everything is going so well for her until she starts having unexplained seizures, psychosis and memory loss. The young woman, Susannah Cahalan, and her parents search tirelessly for answers from countless numbers of doctors and specialists. Susannah has many terrifying outbursts due to the mysterious condition causing her parents an overwhelming amount of stress until they finally get the conclusion that they have all been anxiously waiting for.

What Happened to Monday – Netflix

This drama/mystery film is set in the way off future where the government has set a strict policy that only one child is allowed per family due to the overpopulation. If any siblings are found by the Child Allocation Bureau, those siblings will be forced into what is called “cryosleep”, they are put to sleep and froze until the population begins to decrease. An identical set of female septuplets are born into this new world; scared of being caught and separated, the girls vow to keep their individual identities a secret for as long as they possibly can by never leaving their apartment more than one at a time. One of the sisters ends up going missing on her day out and the six left at home make it their mission to find out what happened…even if that means taking the risk of being found out.

A Simple Favor – Hulu

This thriller is about two unlikely friends that meet through their children at school. Stephanie is a widowed housewife while Emily is a mysterious, very private woman whom nobody ever knows anything about, not even her own husband. One day Emily goes missing without any warning and no one knows where she is. Stephanie takes it upon herself to dig up as much as she can to try to find her new best friend, but instead finds some interesting surprises about Emily’s past along the way.