Feature: Sarah Hummel, A Humble Humanitarian

“Friday Features” share the stories of members of the Rockhurst community and their endeavors beyond academics.


Sarah Hummel, ’19

Jonathan McCaslin and Kori Hines

College is a time of growth and excitement, and this has been no exception for Sarah Hummel, ‘19. Hummel’s entire family attended Rockhurst, so she always knew Kansas City is where she would end up.

Hummel is a psychology major, but she is not sure what she wants to do after graduation. “Something with kids for sure,” she said.

Hummel’s drive to work with children stems from her parent’s charity work. Her family operates the non-profit organization Our Little Haven in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The organization is committed to providing early intervention to children and families while providing a safe place for victims of abuse and neglect.

Hummel’s compassion for others has made itself a presence not only in outreach with her family, but in her social life.

“During a difficult transition, Sarah is a supportive friend. She always brings lots of smiles and joy, during fun and tough times alike,” said Gretchen Boxdorfer, ’19. “She remains loyal and helpful,” Boxdorfer said.

Reflecting on her college career, Hummel does not have many regrets. The only thing she does wish is that she remained as involved on campus, in subsequent years, as she was during her sophomore year.

“I was busy. Junior year, you either make it or break it, so I needed to focus,” she said. Hummel was also quite busy starting her own business, an outlet she uses to bring creativity and joy to others.

Regardless of her academics and business, sophomore year proved to be Hummel’s favorite. “I was in the THV’s living with my best friends, how could I not love that time?” she said.

“I had the pleasure of being Sarah’s roommate during sophomore year. My favorite memories include all the decorating and weekly meals we’d have together,” said Abby Mason, ’19.

That year, Hummel was an orientation leader, and in the following years, served as orientation coordinator. As an orientation leader, Hummel helped lead the group she named “The Team 12 Elves.” The team’s name was a nod to her favorite time of year, Christmas.

“Orientation was a great start to the year, especially move-in day. It was great to help out and meet so many people,” she said.

With efforts like orientation under her belt, it is no surprise that many people on campus recognize Hummel and her friendly personality. Students and professors have only good things to say about her – and she appreciates them too.

When asked about her favorite Rockhurst professor, she couldn’t pick just one. “Either Dr. Clune or Dr. Young. I’d take any class just to have them as my professor,” she said.

Undoubtedly, those professors and others would be happy to teach a student with Hummel’s sunny disposition and humble heart one last time before she graduates in May.

Hummel has had a marvelous time attending Rockhurst, and her future, though undecided, will surely be just as noteworthy as she is.

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