One small step for Rockhurst, one big LEAP for Earth

Mary Grace Harris, Staff Writer

The surface area of Earth 197 million square miles, with roughly 30 percent covered by land and the remaining 70 percent by water. When it comes to our oceans, though, up to 90 percent of those waters are polluted with plastic and the trash we produce.

Or put another way, roughly 18 billion pounds of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year — and that’s just from coastal regions.

While Kansas City is largely landlocked, one student club on campus is taking steps to help Rockhurst not contribute to the waste on this planet.

LEAP is a student environmental organization. LEAP stands for “Leader for Environmental Awareness and Protection.” Established in 2009, the club will mark 10 years on campus next year.

Emma Persson, a senior and LEAP president, said the group’s goal is “raising awareness to the Rockhurst community about environmental issues and spread[ing] the word of what we, as students here, can do to help the well-being of the Earth.”

To that end, they try to work with the local community to implement change, through efforts such as recycling and tree plantings.

“We want to contribute to making Rockhurst as green as possible!” Persson said.

LEAP has brought in recycling bins into buildings on campus, including at McGee Hall and Massman Hall. They also are behind the scenes during the Move-in Day to help with all the recyclables.

The club not only recycles but they take part in planting trees around the Rockhurst community. LEAP continues to grow in size and influence in and beyond Rockhurst.

“The events we hold and the work we do is completely voluntary, but done with the passion that I greatly admire,” Persson said.

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Image credit: Google images